WCRT v1.12
Win32API based C Runtime Library
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About WCRT

WCRT is a small C runtime library for Visual C++, which implements parts of its functionality through calls to the Win32API. It is meant as a replacement for the Visual C runtime library (libc.lib).

The main purpose of this library is to allow the creation of small statically linked executables from regular C source files.

Note: The most recent versions of WCRT are available from Ibsen Software.

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The current WCRT distribution:

WCRT v1.12 download (231kb)
Jan 29 2005 - v1.12

WCRT on SourceForge

WCRT is now hosted on SourceForge.

Handling of floating point numbers in printf and scanf is planned for the next release.


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WCRT is Open Source; released under the zlib license.

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WCRT - Win32API based C Runtime Library